SAHM fat Mum to working fit Mum

From stay at home Mum to working fit Mum in 1 year

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, this journey sure is an exciting if not tough one.

I have managed 3 more runs and a swim. Swimming brought back so many old memories of the days when I competed and could swim lap after lap with ease. This time I managed 11 laps and was pretty stuffed after. I followed it up with 6 lengths of aqua jogging and felt fantastic afterwards :) I will continue to swin a couple of times a week along with my runs.

Running, well it's not getting much easier but I am actually enjoying it. After a horror morning on the phone to studylink the other day I put on my shoes and headed out the door, what a great way to clear your head!

I have surprised myself on the food front. I'm finding eating healthy reasonably easy so far. Protein shakes are my saviour though, one a day stops me from reaching for rubbish. Last night we were offered takeaways and guess what both Grae and I said NO :) We opted for cook chicken with salad.

Well, I have no kids today, they are with their Nana on a trial day for when I go back to work next week. I have to say I feel rather lost without my baby :( I hope he is ok and having his sleeps.

Tonight I will be hitting the pool for a swim then Friday will be another run.

I will NOT fall off this wagon, the wheels are moving and they not stop for anyone :)

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