SAHM fat Mum to working fit Mum

From stay at home Mum to working fit Mum in 1 year

Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5

Wow, day 5 already!! OK I really need to knuckle down and get things moving more than they already are.

TV, I have almost cut it out completly and as our TV is on the blink we are seriously considering not replacing it for the year. This will mean my fat lazy a*se won't be able to vege out and eat chocolate in front of mindless rubbish. The alternitive, ride my bike that still looks sparkling new after owning it for 4 years, take the kids for a walk to the park in the buggy and run around with them, go for a swim, work in the garden, the list is endless and all involves MOVING which results in a healthy body.

Today I'm off for another run, this time I'm extending the block by one more street.

Food......some day's I just hate food. The problem is crap food just taste so good at times and is easy to get. I think protein shakes with a banana will become my new best friend for the next wee while as a substitute for all snacks.

I won't tell you what size top I was wearing yesterday, but lets just say the tag has been removed!!!! One day I will be proud to have the size lable left in my clothes again :)

I can't believe I'm almost at the end of week one, I CAN DO THIS :)

ps. this is made a lot easier with my loving and supportive husband xx

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