SAHM fat Mum to working fit Mum

From stay at home Mum to working fit Mum in 1 year

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2

well day 2 is a day off in terms of running. Thank goodness as my muscles are letting me know they still exist!

Food wise, well not a good day. A roll from Nada bakery, followed by an apple donut then pizza for dinner. :( Oops, it's so hard with others offer you this food. I feel rude saying no it's ok, I'll just have my shake or salad.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm going to make a really good effort on the food front.
Porridge for breakie
protein shake, & yoghurt for lunch and salad wholegrain tortilla with mince for dinner. Snacks not worked out yet but perhaps another yoghurt and an apple. NO JUNK OF ANY DESCRIPTION.

Another run is scheduled for tomorrow too, will try and fit that in sometime in the morning.

I'm beginning to wonder how on earth I ever thought I was 'fat' 10 years ago when I was wearing size 8 clothes!! Damn what people say to you, their words can be so damaging without them even realising. Now their words are actually true, I am now truly FAT :(

Between pounding the streets and breastfeeding surly this weight will shift? My fingers and toes are crossed :)

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