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Friday, January 7, 2011

The run happened and.......

I made it up the hill without stopping!!!!!! WooHoo. This is a major achievement for me. Last time I walked up this hill VERY slowly I was pushing a buggy whilst in early labour with Oliver and I tell you that hill went on FOREVER. On my first run I got 1/2 way up and my heart was pounding, legs burning and my brain telling me I could not go any further, so I walked to the top and ran from there.

Today I achieved running the whole way AND running an extra street in my round the block run. The only walking in the whole block was about 200m to our house where I pretty much collapsed! :) A cold shower was the best thing followed by a protein shake.

Another milestone, I have not eaten any rubbish at all today. The thought that I could ruin my efforts pounding the pavements by eating one bar of chocolate is enough at this stage to put me off. I know there will be days where I slip up i'm sure but hopefully I can make them less rather than more.

To those out there who are tettering on the edge of loosing their fitness or body they like, stop the slippery slope now, get out there and move, eat the right foods and don't get yourself into the position I'm in now. This is going to take so much hard work to get a portion of the body I once had. Why oh why did I let myself slip to much?? Grrrrr to myself!

Tomorrow, I'm going swimming. I wonder how much of that skill I have lost? Hopefully not too much. It will give my legs a rest for a day before my next run on Monday.

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