SAHM fat Mum to working fit Mum

From stay at home Mum to working fit Mum in 1 year

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A small piece fo success

Well I've lost 2kg - Yipeeeeeee

There is a half marathon in wgtn this weekend, I'm going along to support a friend who is running and also as motivation for myself. I have 5 months until the wgtn one I'm doing and I can't wait. My goal is to simple, get over the finish line! I have actually run a half marathon, it was when I was at outwardbound and I did really well at it. I wish I could remember my time, I think it was around the 2 hr mark. The huge bush run part of it slowed me down heaps as I was terrified of rolling my ankle. Do you think there will be someone 5km from the end playing the guitar for me at the wgtn one?? Lol

The other day I was thinking back to my fit days, yep they are over 12 years ago!!!!! I used to be able to do 20 chin ups without stopping, I was heavely into rock climbing and could get my body up amazing places all using the strength in my arms and legs. I had abs that you could see and my clothes were a size 8. I would also go tramping in the Tararuas with a huge pack and walk for 12 hours in a stretch. Ooh to bring back a body that will allow that again :)
When I came back form England I thought I was a BIG FAT heffalump and was actually scared to meet my parents at the airport! I was wearing a skirt that my sister had given me, it was a size 10. I was far from fat, but never saw it. I wish that I had got positive comments from my family but they never came. Do I have a body image issue, I'm beginning to think so. Why is it that when I had an amazing body I never knew it? I don't think people realsie how damaging words such as "you could do with loosing a few kilos", "ooh look out you'll end up just like......... (insert a large person's name here) or even actions such as having your stomach poked followed up with a look of 'porky'.
I remember at my wedding only 4 years ago thinking I was a fat bride, a comment given to me was "you won't feel good on your wedding day if you don't do something about your weight". My dress was a size 8!!!!!

OK, hopefully my wee rant to myself here has help lift some issues off my chest. Today is a new day and I have both boys at home. It's a stunning wgtn day and the double buggy will get a pounding along the bays. I'm going to run from the kids playground to the evens bays marina and back with the buggy. Oliver has conjunctivitis so we can't go anywhere with him but fresh air will be great.

on a side note: C-section scar, apparently it can take up to 8-12 months to fully heal, so the pain I was getting was a reminder to take it slowley. I've decided to limit hills as much as I can. Newlands park is flat and only down the raod so runs are happening there for a while :)

5 Months to go, the countdown really is on now. I better really commit to this and follow the programme in my book To compete or complete, your guide to running a half marathon. I LOVE this book.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gutted :(

So tonight I went for my longest run yet. Soon after setting off I felt this discomfort in my stomach about where the c-section scar is. I continued but in a fair amount of discomfort and sometimes pain. Now home I'm feeling angry & upset that there may be an issue there that I need to sort, which will muck up my goals :(

Tomorrow I'll make the Dr's appt. and see what they say, I suspect that the incision has opened a bit on one side as I can feel it with my fingers. Just as I thought I was on track, this happens!!! :(

I should be happy as I did a fantastic run and it was with NASTY how hills and wind. Just imagine how far I could go on the flat :) oh, I didn't manage Aotea Lagoon, it just didn't fit in around the kids this weekend but I did run from home hence the NASTY Hills, did I mention they were NASTY!

Oh well, onwards and upwards, fingers crossed my pain goes away fast.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fat legs

Thank goodness these are covered, you DO NOT want to see underneath. Shame they are on display when I go swimming Lol. The jeans I am wearing here are keepers, when they are too big, they will be a reminder of what size I used to be :)

Woo Hoo

Woop Woop, 1.5kg lost :) I have taken to doing weight watches points alongside my running and the results are showing on the scales. Yipee.

OK, so 1.5kg is lost but imagine how much more it would be if I had been doing more running!!!! I've been a bit slack still and not getting out there nearly enough but it is my second week at work and we are just getting used to our new routines at home so next week should be heaps better. My aim next week, 3 runs and 2 swims. This weekend is 2 runs and 1 swim.

I'm not going to the WW meetings (that costs money lol) but I have the points book and have been keeping track since Monday. It's the old weight watches points not the new pro points but I figure that the old points worked for people before so it will still work now :) I feel fantastic, and am much more aware of what is going into my body.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work the other day, I can't believe how big I have actually become!!! So sad to think that there was a time when I had a defined muscles, a six pack and could do 12 chin ups without stopping. I was also so small I could fit kids clothes!!!!! Oh to be half that size again.......two children later I don't ever expect to have that body back but I do expect to be 3 clothing sizes smaller and actually like what I see in the mirror.

So this weekend I am hoping that Wgtn has some nice weather for my runs, otherwise I will be out there in my thermals! I WILL NOT GIVE UP this very hard battle to get fit.

I think Aotea Lagon is on the cards this weekend, I have not run there yet but it is flat :) 2 laps is 1.5km so I'm going to aim for 4 laps, the longest I have run so far! I'm wishing myself luck.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's getting away on me!!

Oh boy, this week has been terrible on the exercise front :( I started work for the first time in nearly 3 years working 3 days a week and it really threw me out with my running schedule.

I am LOVING working again and know that I have made the right decision, but I have to find that balance again that allows me exercise time. Juggling finishing work, collecting the boys from their Nana's, feeding Oliver (I'm still BF him) and getting dinner on etc. is tough. Yes I know, excuses, excuses, you are totally right, at the end of the day that is all they are, BIG FAT EXCUSES and I NEED to get rid of them and replace them with scheduled exercise time.

Perhaps I could run before I leave for work and while my Dear Husband is still at home in the morning, like get out of bed at 6am. Ha, ha, ha, ha, those who know me know that I am NOT a morning person, especially when I have been up at night feeding dear Oliver, BUT really I need to get over the tired feeling and replace it with the adrenlin filled happy feeling you get after going on a early morning walk.

Perhaps I will trial this for 3 mornings this week, actually I won't trial it, I will DO IT, Tue, Wed and Fri. I will also go for 2 swims, Mon and Thus :)

I have my weigh in tonight, arghhhh not looking forward to it as this week I ate M&M's and some biscuits oh and fish n chips and.......yep there's another and (sadly) Hells Pizza. Man this adds up so quickly! I had no intention of eating all this crap but it just kinda happened. No wonder I'm FAT!!!!!!

I have rewards lined up thought and I really want them! For the first 2kg I loose I get a glass Pandora bead, then for every 5kg I loose I get another glass bead until I reach goal. I should end up with about 5-6 beautiful glass beads.

Wish me luck! I need to stay motivated and not fall off this moving wagon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, this journey sure is an exciting if not tough one.

I have managed 3 more runs and a swim. Swimming brought back so many old memories of the days when I competed and could swim lap after lap with ease. This time I managed 11 laps and was pretty stuffed after. I followed it up with 6 lengths of aqua jogging and felt fantastic afterwards :) I will continue to swin a couple of times a week along with my runs.

Running, well it's not getting much easier but I am actually enjoying it. After a horror morning on the phone to studylink the other day I put on my shoes and headed out the door, what a great way to clear your head!

I have surprised myself on the food front. I'm finding eating healthy reasonably easy so far. Protein shakes are my saviour though, one a day stops me from reaching for rubbish. Last night we were offered takeaways and guess what both Grae and I said NO :) We opted for cook chicken with salad.

Well, I have no kids today, they are with their Nana on a trial day for when I go back to work next week. I have to say I feel rather lost without my baby :( I hope he is ok and having his sleeps.

Tonight I will be hitting the pool for a swim then Friday will be another run.

I will NOT fall off this wagon, the wheels are moving and they not stop for anyone :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

The run happened and.......

I made it up the hill without stopping!!!!!! WooHoo. This is a major achievement for me. Last time I walked up this hill VERY slowly I was pushing a buggy whilst in early labour with Oliver and I tell you that hill went on FOREVER. On my first run I got 1/2 way up and my heart was pounding, legs burning and my brain telling me I could not go any further, so I walked to the top and ran from there.

Today I achieved running the whole way AND running an extra street in my round the block run. The only walking in the whole block was about 200m to our house where I pretty much collapsed! :) A cold shower was the best thing followed by a protein shake.

Another milestone, I have not eaten any rubbish at all today. The thought that I could ruin my efforts pounding the pavements by eating one bar of chocolate is enough at this stage to put me off. I know there will be days where I slip up i'm sure but hopefully I can make them less rather than more.

To those out there who are tettering on the edge of loosing their fitness or body they like, stop the slippery slope now, get out there and move, eat the right foods and don't get yourself into the position I'm in now. This is going to take so much hard work to get a portion of the body I once had. Why oh why did I let myself slip to much?? Grrrrr to myself!

Tomorrow, I'm going swimming. I wonder how much of that skill I have lost? Hopefully not too much. It will give my legs a rest for a day before my next run on Monday.